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Temporary lodging that puts you At Ease

Host military and be At Ease while gaining more income 


The federal travel regulations don't allow its employees to use vacation rental websites during official travel because most properties don't meet federal lodging criteria.


At Ease is a site that connects federal travelers with people who have homes that meet federal lodging criteria for official travel. We handle all the heavy lifting for travelers and hosts. At Ease solutions are:

1. Provide an out of the box solution for a host to become compliant with federal lodging criteria

2. Connects host to federal travelers all in one place

3. Ensure federal travelers are reimbursed for official lodging

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At Ease, listings are in cities frequented by federal travelers and are federally approved.

  • Host, welcome professional travelers who are in your home for official business and will conduct themselves as such. 

  • Travelers, rest assured your travel voucher will be approved! ​​